Ms Joy Li

Primary School and PSLE English, Primary School and PSLE Maths, Primary School and PSLE Science

Adopting contemporary teaching styles, Joy has been teaching locally for more than 6 years and is a current teacher in a renown SAP school in Singapore. Coupled with more than 12 years of private tutoring experience, she has taught the English, Mathematics and Science subjects to the primary level. Joy also teaches in sync with the new syllabus and formats of assessments.

Joy believes in maximizing the potential of every child she teaches. She aims to inculcate intrinsic motivation within her pupils, equipping them with the essential skills of life-long learning. Joy agrees that “Education is not just the learning of facts, but also the training of the mind to think.”

Joy is a MOE-trained teacher who holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (General) from NIE.

Mr Charles Yap (叶老师) 

Primary School Chinese Tuition / PSLE Chinese Tuition

Effectively bilingual, Charles (叶老师) is not a conventional Chinese Language teacher. He understands the challenges faced by the Singaporean students, whom as second-language speakers, could not keep up with the demand of the native language-alike Chinese Language syllabus.

He has taught primary school Chinese at a prestigious SAP school and is currently teaching in a local primary school.

Charles will approach the language with the second-language mindset and teach essential language skills, using the contrastive linguistic method (English and Chinese). Charles’s pedagogy focuses on essential grammar points, which aims at laying a solid foundation for writing and speaking in the language.

A MOE trained teacher, Charles holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Chinese Language, Primary School) from NIE. Apart from Chinese and English, he is fluent in Malay and German.

Mr Caleb Wong

Physics, Chemistry, Combined Science Tuition

Caleb espouses the values of hardwork and tenacity in achieving one’s dreams. He believes that friendship with his students allows him to motivate and inspire them on a more personal level.

In addition to having taught at a top mainstream Secondary School, Caleb also has a heart for weaker students. He volunteered as a teacher for two years at Ling Kwan Youth Centre, tutoring at-risk youths.

Apart from teaching, he is well regarded by many of the youths as their friend and mentor

He has more than 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience for Upper Secondary Physics and Chemistry.

Caleb graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor in Engineering (Environmental) and was a recipient of the NTU Temasek Foundation Award.

Mr Desmond Hoo

English Tuition

Desmond is a firm believer in progressive learning. He believes that learning is a continual process and it need not be onerous and dry. 

He brings in character development insights into the GCE ‘O’ Level English syllabus through games and hands-on illustration of writing concepts to keep lessons fun and engaging. His students enjoy his lessons as they learn more through experience rather than by rote.

Having started his career as an educator, Desmond was voted the Most Awesome teacher at an autism-focused school for two consecutive years in his ongoing 3-year special needs education tenure. Concurrently teaching at a leading learning centre in Singapore, Desmond gained extensive experience in teaching the MOE English syllabus (1128 & 1190) with valuable insights on global perspectives.

Desmond graduated with a 2nd Upper Honours eqv. in Communication Studies from SIM University, and was awarded the Vincent Khoo Kah Tat Award.

Ms Hannah Tan


Hannah believes that excellence in Biology and Maths stems from a deeper appreciation of the basic concepts as well as a clear application of them in one’s everyday life. She empathises with the challenges students face in the study of the subject, hence her pedagogy focuses on using real life examples or humorous anecdotes to help her students visualise the key messages and better memorise key messages and subtopics in the subject.  

She is both a friend and a mentor to her students who regard her as strict, but kind

She has four over years of experience teaching pure sciences in various tuition centres and was previously from Dunman High School

Ms Jiaqi Zhang

A tutor who focuses on a solid grounding of concepts, Jiaqi incorporates conceptual learning into interesting examples of application in her math and science lessons. She believes that different students learn differently, and is ready to adapt to suit each student’s learning method. 

As a former teaching Intern under MOE, Jiaqi taught math and science at a government secondary school. She also has more than three years of teaching experience, both in tuition centres and private tuition. 

Jiaqi is currently a holder of the Nanyang Scholarship under NTU and was previously from Dunman High.

Mr Julian Lee

Julian’s primary goal has always been to elicit the latent potential in every student as he believes that everyone can excel when given the right guidance. He specializes in teaching Science and Mathematics for primary and secondary level.

He reckons that all students should be engaged and not just simply listening without understanding. With that in mind, he reminds himself to always talk WITH the students and not just to talk TO the students, encouraging them to voice out any difficulties that they encounter. His strong relevance and connectedness with students make him very different from others. 

Standing by the motto “Unafraid, What’s Ahead”, Julian recommends all students to put aside their fears and come forward to learn together.

Julian graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering. He is also an accredited engineer in the professional industry and has more than 10 years of private and class tutoring experience.

Mrs Rohayati Rahim

Economics Tuition (JC)

Rohayati Rahim has been teaching Economics in Junior College for more than 30 years. She has taught both H1 and H2 Economics and have seen through many syllabus changes, the latest being the 2017 syllabus change. Her passion is not only in teaching and helping students understand Economic concepts but also in the subject, Economics itself.

Economics as a social science provide ample opportunities to learning human behaviour and how different economic agents make decisions. Its practicality and application to real world situations make it an exciting subject to teach and learn. She believes that it is through thinking and analysing current issues and problems that happen in the world today that students can have better understanding of Economics. Being able to express ideas analytically, evaluate policy decisions and suggest practical solutions is key to doing well in the subject.

A senior teacher in a junior college, Rohayati graduated from NUS with an honours degree and later on obtained Masters Degree in Applied Economics

Madam Cheok Soh Cheng

Madam Cheok Soh Cheng has been teaching English in Primary and Secondary Schools and to adults for more than 40 years. She has taught English both as a first language & as a foreign language. 

Her passion is to help her learners build a repertoire of critical and useful vocabulary words. The new words are exposed to the learners three or four times to help them understand their comprehension passages and eventually minimise their struggle to paraphrase in the summary section. The ability to summarise effectively is a lifelong skill which needs to be mastered. 

She believes that the ability to edit one’s own composition and/or a peer’s composition is absolutely necessary. Hence it is not the quantity of essays written that is important. However it is the quality of essays produced by each learner and the much-needed individual consultation that is absolutely necessary to build confidence in writing. Ideally, an essay should have at least three drafts. 

To ensure that effective learning has taken place and to get her learners excited and motivated in class, Madam Cheok usually engages them in language games and fun-filled activities which involve repeated learning of vocabulary words, spelling, grammar and sentence structures. 

She is currently teaching in a Secondary Girls’ School handling a Special Program dealing with the top 10 % and bottom 20 % of the Sec 3 and 4 scholars and local girls. She has passionately labelled her program as damage control and repair work. 

She taught in a Secondary School for 35 years and a Primary School for 5 years. She also has extensive experience coaching locals & foreigners under Workforce Development Authority’s (WDA) programs.