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    • Basecamp is located at Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road, #05-01
    • Classes taught by experienced, passionate, and caring tutor Mr Caleb Wong
    • Classes are once a week, either 1.5 or 2 hours depending on level
    • Fees are highly affordable
    • To ensure that lessons remain conducive, we will cap the class size at 8 students
    • Classes are open for all levels for O Level, N Level, and DSA students. Kindly call to enquire for timings

    Have more questions? Please call us at 6814 3787 or email us at

    Tutor Bio

    Top Physics Tutor Caleb Wong
    Top Physics Tutor Caleb Wong

    Caleb espouses the values of hardwork and tenacity in achieving one’s dreams. He believes that friendship with his students allows him to motivate and inspire them on a more personal level.

    An impassioned educator, he volunteered as a teacher for two years at Ling Kwan Youth Centre, tutoring at-risk youths. Apart from teaching, he was well regarded by many of the youths as their friend and mentor. He has more than 10 years of tutoring experience for Upper Secondary Physics and Chemistry.

    Caleb graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor in Engineering (Environmental) and was a recipient of the NTU Temasek Foundation Award.

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    Aerenia Koh, just finished O levels, Serangoon Secondary School. 

    Caleb taught me Combined Science (Physics & Chemistry)
    N level : A2
    O Level: B3

    Before Caleb taught me Science, I failed my Science throughout my whole secondary life. I scored below 30 for every exam. I met Caleb in March 2014, when I was taking my N levels. He gave me hope though he knew I hated science and have no knowledge about it.

    I scored 52, a C6 for my Mid-Year examinations. Prelims, A1, N Level, A2. His lessons are always engaging with his way of teaching. He is different from other tutors. He would try new and in simpler ways to explain something I do not understand. For formulas that are confusing and hard to memorize, he teaches bit by bit and write out for us to refer if we need it. This helps a lot when we self study.

    He also reward me with candies. He is patient, he repeats the answers to my questions no matter how many times I have asked. I am lucky to have found a tutor like Caleb, or else I would not have scored so well.

    Amelia Yeh, Nanyang Polytechnic (Diploma in Business Management)

    Caleb taught me Combined Science (Physics & Chemistry)
    N Level: B3
    O Level: A2

    Before getting tutored by Caleb, I scored B4s and C5s for my prelimary examinations.

    I always look forward to being tutored by Caleb as his lessons are always fun and interesting. Before getting tutored by Caleb, I never understood almost anything for Chemistry and I hated it so much. I could never memorise the chemical reactions. However, after countless of patient reminders from Caleb, I finally could understand and memorise the chemical reactions!

    Caleb is a very patient and understanding tutor. He never gets irritated with me asking the same questions over and over again because I just cannot remember the ‘key words’ that we always need to have when answering questions. Other tutors that have taught me always got irritated at me for asking the same question over and over again, but I thank God Caleb never did! He also constantly rewards his students with food for working hard as an encouragement and as a stress relief! 

    I just want to thank Caleb for being so patient and kind of me. If not for his constant reminders and his ever so patient personality, I would not have gotten an A2 for Combined Science for O levels.

    ‘Teaching is hard work, because it is heart work.’

    Yong Ming improved from F9 to A2 for his O Levels
    Yong Ming improved from F9 to A2 for his O Levels

    Wynn Neo, ITE Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP)

    I was feeling really hopeless and frustrated with learning science (Physics & Chemistry) at the start of secondary 4, which was my N levels year. C6 – F9 was a norm to me and I could not imagine myself passing it, let alone scoring an A2 which was my N levels results after spending 9 months learning from Caleb.

    What I really like about his teaching style is that he is able to explain concepts in a simple manner that is easy to understand, remember and apply.

    Classes with him are always relaxed, as you do not have to face the multi pages of a textbook. He believes and convinced me that taking down notes will help us retain more information and learn better. I totally agree and use this method till today.

    Today, with the strong science and maths foundation I attained from Caleb, I am currently holding a perfect GPA in my ITE course and will proceed direct to Poly year 2 upon completion.

    Thank you Caleb!

    Roy improved from F9 to B3 in N Levels and enjoyed his classes with top physics tutor Mr Caleb Wong.
    Roy improved from F9 to B3 in N Levels and enjoyed his classes with top physics tutor Mr Caleb Wong.

    The Basecamp Difference

    The journey to success of our students at Basecamp Learning Centre is simple:

    • interest,
    • understanding & application, and
    • exam proficiency


    Students will discover that the world we live in is powered by physics concepts. We achieve this by

    • igniting interest in the subject
    • beginning classes with interesting and entertaining uses of scientific concepts

    Understanding & Application

    Students will be able to witness the power of physics and help them become problem solvers and technology users. We do this by

    • introducing concepts in simple terms
    • helping students see their relevance in real world situations

    exam proficiency

    Once students grasp the concepts, we will guide them through a structured set of sample questions. The focus will be on

    • identifying key words required to score for the exams
    • using certain key terms when answering questions

    This method will ensure that regardless how the questions are phrased, students are well equipped to tackle them.

    What is Physics?

    O Levels Physics Syllabus

    O Levels Physics Exam Format

    Sample Teaching Materials

    Physics is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. How do airplanes fly? Why do the soles of my shoes wear off causing me to slip and fall? Studying physics will help children understand and equip them with the ability to expand the uses of tools around them. For example, a child can start a fire using a magnifying glass with adequate sunlight, and modify the physical design of a toy car to improve its speed and acceleration.