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    • Basecamp is located at Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road, #05-01
    • Classes taught by experienced, passionate, and caring tutor Mr Desmond Hoo and Madam Cheok Soh Cheng
    • Classes are once a week, two hours each
    • Fees are highly affordable
    • To ensure that lessons remain conducive, we will cap the class size at 8 students
    • Classes are open for all levels for O Level, N Level, and DSA students. Kindly call to enquire for timings

    Have more questions? Please contact us at 6814 3787 or email us at

    Tutor Bio — Madam Cheok Soh Cheng

    Madam Cheok Soh Cheng has been teaching English in Primary and Secondary Schools and to adults for more than 40 years. She has taught English both as a first language & as a foreign language. 

    Her passion is to help her learners build a repertoire of critical and useful vocabulary words. The new words are exposed to the learners three or four times to help them understand their comprehension passages and eventually minimise their struggle to paraphrase in the summary section. The ability to summarise effectively is a lifelong skill which needs to be mastered. 

    She believes that the ability to edit one’s own composition and/or a peer’s composition is absolutely necessary. Hence it is not the quantity of essays written that is important. However it is the quality of essays produced by each learner and the much-needed individual consultation that is absolutely necessary to build confidence in writing. Ideally, an essay should have at least three drafts. 

    To ensure that effective learning has taken place and to get her learners excited and motivated in class, Madam Cheok usually engages them in language games and fun-filled activities which involve repeated learning of vocabulary words, spelling, grammar and sentence structures. 

    She is currently teaching in a Secondary Girls’ School handling a Special Program dealing with the top 10 % and bottom 20 % of the Sec 3 and 4 scholars and local girls. She has passionately labelled her program as damage control and repair work. 

    She taught in a Secondary School for 35 years and a Primary School for 5 years. She also has extensive experience coaching locals & foreigners under Workforce Development Authority’s (WDA) programs.

    Tutor Bio – Mr Desmond Hoo

    Desmond is a firm believer in progressive learning. He believes that learning is a continual process and it need not be onerous and dry. He brings in character development insights into the GCE ‘O’ Level English syllabus through games and hands-on illustration of writing concepts to keep lessons fun and engaging. His students enjoy his lessons as they learn more through experience rather than by rote.

    Having started his career as an educator, Desmond was voted the Most Awesome teacher at an autism-focused school for two consecutive years in his ongoing 3-year special needs education tenure. Concurrently teaching at a leading learning centre in Singapore, Desmond gained extensive experience in teaching the MOE English syllabus (GCE 1128 & 1190) with valuable insights on global perspectives.

    Desmond graduated with a 2nd Upper Honours eqv. in Communication Studies from SIM University, and was awarded the Vincent Khoo Kah Tat Award.

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    Testimonial from Jon-Taylor, a student (click to enlarge)
    Testimonial from Jon-Taylor, a student (click to enlarge)
    Improvement from D7 to A2
    Improvement from D7 to A2
    Student achieved A2 for English O Levels
    Student achieved A2 for English O Levels
    Testimonial from Angelina, a student (click to enlarge)
    Testimonial from Angelina, a student (click to enlarge)
    Improvement from C5 to B3
    Improvement from C5 to B3

    The Basecamp Difference

    The secret to the success of our students at Basecamp Learning Centre is simple: interest, familiarity, and exam proficiency. 


    We start each lesson with a trigger to pique the interest of our students for learning the English language. The curriculum development team carefully selects at least 6 themes a year to buff up students’ content schema, so that there can be smooth transition when it comes to translating insight to writing in the examinations. During the trigger, we expose them to real happenings and trends around the world through watching videos, facilitating classroom games, and creating curated yet authentic experiences. Currency and relevancy are paramount in this phase of the lesson because they will lay the foundation for familiarity and examination proficiency skills.


    Basecamp tutors will then translate the earlier ‘exposure’ phase of the lesson to what it really means for the students. For example, what does the recent advent in technology mean for our world, and how societal and human values are shaped accordingly. Breaking down the insight to bite sizes,  students can pick relevant parts for their writing in the “independent work” phase of the lesson. This part of the lesson will be scaffolded accordingly to the needs of the various levels.

    Exam Proficiency:

    Once the interest is triggered, and the familiarity translated, Basecamp tutors will show students how to apply these insights to actual exam questions and topics. How the insights can be cogently phrased in various relevant writing styles based on the examination format. This will be done via the “I do, we do, you do” teaching model where the tutor will use an insight to illustrate how he can write a content paragraph of an exposition essay using a specified writing model. Thereafter, we invite students to contribute on ways in which the tutor can improve his writing. Finally, the crescendo of the lesson would be the student writing the full paragraph or essay on his own. This will be the capstone for their specified learning outcome.

    English Language

    O Levels English Syllabus

    Sample teaching materials

    English language is one of the few subjects where skills and frameworks are fixed, but content is not. At Basecamp Learning Centre, examination techniques are taught in a personable manner, where students will feel completely at ease to clarify their doubts. We also enable students to experience various emotions and worldviews through many interesting experiential exercises and games. These will then lead to debriefing them on the application of these insights onto their papers and applying the necessary examination techniques required.

    Conventional wisdom suggests that these expressions of emotions and worldviews can be taught, or even memorized. We beg to differ. We believe, in fact very strongly, that students learn best through experiences. During the 2-hour sessions, students will gain these multi-layered insights in a controlled but highly authentic environment, through which students can then translate insights into their writing and personal life. Students will go through a rigorous two-pronged learning approach that will nurture them in both their language skills and character development.