A guide to Pokemon Go (student edition)

So, it is rumoured that Pokemon Go will be officially available in Singapore in a few days. If gamers in Singapore are as avid as their American and European counterparts, then expect things to never be the same again. We are witnessing a cultural phenomenon that will end up in the books of history or at least, your General Paper essays (as an example of how technology is taking over people’s lives). While ridiculous things have happened to Pokemon Go trainers, reports have also surfaced about people forging a strong sense camaraderie over the game.

We are witnessing a cultural phenomenon that will end up in the books of history or at least, your General Paper essays (as an example of how technology is taking over people’s lives).

So here we present to you some of the coolest facts about Pokemon Go. Pay attention, because it is time to do some homework.

1. It is the newest, biggest fad

Is anyone here still playing Candy Crush? Because you are a tad outdated. Pokemon Go surpassed Candy Crush and Angry Birds in terms of cumulative downloads in less than 7 days since its launch. It has been downloaded more times than Tinder, has more active daily users than Twitter and is rivalling Snapchat’s daily user base. Impressive? Wait till you hear more. Its 30 million user base is only set to increase from now on, given that the game has not even been officially launched in most parts of Asia (sad).

2. Different organisations are cashing in on the Pokemon Go craze

Smart businessmen have figured out that by catering to the needs of the Pokemon trainers, it is a win-win situation for both.

Even adoption centres are catching the Pokemon fever. SPCA, time to up your game?


3. Friendships have been forged outside of the virtual world

Compared to other games, one thing different about Pokemon Go is that you have to get out of your house and travel far and wide, in order to become the best (that no one ever was). And when you do that, you meet people from your neighbourhood or other parts of Singapore who are on the same quest as you. This shared sense of mission brings people together and forges ties between strangers.

However, do bear in mind that friendships can sour quickly, especially if you are on different teams.

So here are some tips for you to better enjoy catching ‘em all.

1. Safety first!

Watch where you go. Know where you step. Do not be like these two men who fell off a cliff trying to catch a Pokemon.


Oh, and regarding the ending comment that no one has died… someone actually did. An eighteen-year-old teen in Guatemala was shot dead while trying to catch Pokemon a few blocks from his house at night. Although Singapore is relatively safe, low crime does not mean no crime. So be cautious.

2. Get your priorities right

A man quit his job to become the best Pokemon trainer. Before you follow in his footsteps by quitting school, think about your parents’ reaction. They will be mad and there will be consequences. You cannot play Pokemon Go if your phone gets confiscated, can you? Or maybe you can, if you become a professional Pokemon trainer

I’ll say this is a good way to earn some extra pocket money.

3. Respect boundaries

Do not trespass on state land. Guns have no eyes and you might get into trouble in countries with overzealous guard patrols.

And please respect religious places such as temples, mosques and churches. This apparently has to be said. The US Holocaust Museum had to remind Pokémon Go players that playing within the museum compound is a disrespectful thing to do.

Sounds simple enough? Good, use your common sense when playing Pokemon Go and happy catching ‘em all! 😀

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